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1HK Aranäs201802522:39612636
2HK Farmen201406467:4184928
3Backa HK / Kungälvs HK211407469:474-528
4HK S-hof201307504:39710726
5RP IF Linköping201208464:4253924
6HF Somby/Skövde201118514:4664823
7Ystads IF HF W201019482:4661621
8IK Baltichov209110450:4193119
9Karlskrona Flottan196013374:400-2612
10H 65 Gordies HK203215373:504-1318
11IF Hellton 2203116368:468-1007
12Åhus Handboll00000:000
13KFUM Lundagard120012217:371-1540
1HK Aranäs111100302:2158722
2HK Farmen11803270:2313916
3Backa HK / Kungälvs HK10703216:226-1014
4HK S-hof10604270:1858512
5RP IF Linköping10703230:1983214
6HF Somby/Skövde10703261:2214014
7Ystads IF HF W10415239:23819
8IK Baltichov10604247:2064112
9Karlskrona Flottan9405177:183-68
10H 65 Gordies HK9117170:230-603
11IF Hellton 210316193:214-217
12Åhus Handboll00000:000
13KFUM Lundagard6006106:176-700
1HK Aranäs9702220:1813914
2HK Farmen9603197:1871012
3Backa HK / Kungälvs HK11704253:248514
4HK S-hof10703234:2122214
5RP IF Linköping10505234:227710
6HF Somby/Skövde10415253:24589
7Ystads IF HF W10604243:2281512
8IK Baltichov10316203:213-107
9Karlskrona Flottan10208197:217-204
10H 65 Gordies HK11218203:274-715
11IF Hellton 2100010175:254-790
12Åhus Handboll00000:000
13KFUM Lundagard6006111:195-840


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