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1Bremer SV302910140:1512588
2Blumenthaler SV30224489:385170
3Brinkumer SV30203794:336163
4TUS Schwachhausen30156978:572151
5SV Werder Bremen III301531282:582448
6FC Oberneuland301341366:57943
7SG Aumund-Vegesack301331466:71-542
8Leher TS301251363:72-941
9Bremer TS Neustadt301241445:57-1240
10VfL 07 Bremen301061459:66-736
11ESC Geestemünde301121754:89-3535
12Habenhauser FV30981346:64-1835
13TSV Grolland301011945:83-3831
14OSC Bremerhaven30841851:87-3628
15TSV Melchiorshsn30751846:69-2326
16SV Grohn30412534:142-10813
1Bremer SV15141064:105443
2Blumenthaler SV15103242:212133
3Brinkumer SV15121257:114637
4TUS Schwachhausen1591547:291828
5SV Werder Bremen III1582549:331626
6FC Oberneuland1553722:23-118
7SG Aumund-Vegesack1562738:43-520
8Leher TS1564534:35-122
9Bremer TS Neustadt1553720:34-1418
10VfL 07 Bremen1563630:25521
11ESC Geestemünde1552829:40-1117
12Habenhauser FV1552824:35-1117
13TSV Grolland1561829:34-519
14OSC Bremerhaven1561823:34-1119
15TSV Melchiorshsn15411027:38-1113
16SV Grohn15301217:61-449
1Bremer SV15150076:57145
2Blumenthaler SV15121247:173037
3Brinkumer SV1582537:221526
4TUS Schwachhausen1565431:28323
5SV Werder Bremen III1571733:25822
6FC Oberneuland1581644:341025
7SG Aumund-Vegesack1571728:28022
8Leher TS1561829:37-819
9Bremer TS Neustadt1571725:23222
10VfL 07 Bremen1543829:41-1215
11ESC Geestemünde1560925:49-2418
12Habenhauser FV1546522:29-718
13TSV Grolland15401116:49-3312
14OSC Bremerhaven15231028:53-259
15TSV Melchiorshsn1534819:31-1213
16SV Grohn15111317:81-644


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Live Streaming

Bet365 streams over 20,000 events live to your PC every year - so you can bet as the action unfolds


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