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1Vejby IF22172381:166553
2Åstorps FF22145365:273847
3Klippans FF22133670:373342
4Råå IF22115650:341638
5Sodra Sandby IF2296734:33133
6Harrie FF2296739:41-233
7Tågarps AIK2294957:63-631
8Ödåkra IF22921138:48-1029
9Billesholms GIF22841043:48-528
10Helsingborgs Östra IF22651138:54-1623
11Ramlösa Södra IF22231735:79-449
12Skånekurd FF22131828:98-706
1Vejby IF1190247:74027
2Åstorps FF1173143:103324
3Klippans FF1172239:142523
4Råå IF1153329:21818
5Sodra Sandby IF1152416:17-117
6Harrie FF1143416:17-115
7Tågarps AIK1151529:28116
8Ödåkra IF1151525:24116
9Billesholms GIF1141622:23-113
10Helsingborgs Östra IF1144326:18816
11Ramlösa Södra IF1112821:38-175
12Skånekurd FF1102913:35-222
1Vejby IF1182134:92526
2Åstorps FF1172222:17523
3Klippans FF1161431:23819
4Råå IF1162321:13820
5Sodra Sandby IF1144318:16216
6Harrie FF1153323:24-118
7Tågarps AIK1143428:35-715
8Ödåkra IF1141613:24-1113
9Billesholms GIF1143421:25-415
10Helsingborgs Östra IF1121812:36-247
11Ramlösa Södra IF1111914:41-274
12Skånekurd FF1111915:63-484


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