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1HK S-hof7601193:1266712
2HK Aranäs7601187:1355212
3HK Farmen7601164:1234112
4RP IF Linköping7502166:1372910
5HF Somby/Skövde7403182:165178
6IK Baltichov7403170:155158
7Backa HK / Kungälvs HK6402120:129-98
8Karlskrona Flottan7205140:157-174
9Ystads IF HF W8206173:194-214
10H 65 Gordies HK7205124:186-624
11IF Hellton 27106134:168-342
12Åhus Handboll00000:000
13KFUM Lundagard7007140:218-780
1HK S-hof4301117:74436
2HK Aranäs330092:58346
3HK Farmen430190:73176
4RP IF Linköping310260:64-42
5HF Somby/Skövde320175:7234
6IK Baltichov320182:67154
7Backa HK / Kungälvs HK320154:69-154
8Karlskrona Flottan420279:81-24
9Ystads IF HF W5104108:122-142
10H 65 Gordies HK410377:109-322
11IF Hellton 2310258:62-42
12Åhus Handboll00000:000
13KFUM Lundagard300362:88-260
1HK S-hof330076:52246
2HK Aranäs430195:77186
3HK Farmen330074:50246
4RP IF Linköping4400106:73338
5HF Somby/Skövde4202107:93144
6IK Baltichov420288:8804
7Backa HK / Kungälvs HK320166:6064
8Karlskrona Flottan300361:76-150
9Ystads IF HF W310265:72-72
10H 65 Gordies HK310247:77-302
11IF Hellton 2400476:106-300
12Åhus Handboll00000:000
13KFUM Lundagard400478:130-520


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