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Baseball» United States» MLB 1 2 B
00:10 Houston Astros vs Chicago White Sox
1.40 » 1.30
2/2 (100%)
2.75 » 3.15
0/2 (0%)
1.40 » 1.30
2/2 (100%)
2.75 » 3.15
0/2 (0%)
02:10 Seattle Mariners vs Texas Rangers
1.55 » 1.60
0/2 (0%)
2.30 » 2.15
2/2 (100%)
1.55 » 1.60
0/2 (0%)
2.30 » 2.15
2/2 (100%)
02:15 San Francisco Giants vs Colorado Rockies
1.85 » 1.90
0/2 (0%)
1.85 » 1.80
2/2 (100%)
1.85 » 1.90
0/2 (0%)
1.85 » 1.80
2/2 (100%)
1Houston Astros150920580:00907
2New York Yankees151840670:00884
3Cleveland Indians151940570:00857
4Colorado Rockies151820690:00854
5Washington Nationals149900590:00853
6Chicago Cubs150830670:00846
7Texas Rangers150740760:00836
8Arizona Diamondbacks152870650:00829
9Minnesota Twins151780730:00826
10Boston Red Sox151860650:00812
11Los Angeles Dodgers151960550:00808
12St. Louis Cardinals150780720:00788
13Baltimore Orioles152730790:00788
14Cincinnati Reds151660850:00782
15Seattle Mariners151740770:00776
16Miami Marlins151710800:00773
17Milwaukee Brewers151810700:00770
18Detroit Tigers151620890:00767
19Oakland Athletics151680830:00765
20New York Mets150650850:00757
21Atlanta Braves149670820:00751
22Chicago White Sox150590910:00743
23Tampa Bay Rays151740770:00741
24Los Angeles Angels150760740:00736
25Kansas City Royals150730770:00723
26Toronto Blue Jays151720790:00721
27Philadelphia Phillies151600910:00700
28Pittsburgh Pirates152690830:00679
29San Francisco Giants152590930:00658
30San Diego Padres151680830:00640
1Houston Astros76450310:00421
2New York Yankees73450280:00449
3Cleveland Indians75450300:00422
4Colorado Rockies75430320:00491
5Washington Nationals76440320:00440
6Chicago Cubs78460320:00467
7Texas Rangers74390350:00465
8Arizona Diamondbacks75480270:00466
9Minnesota Twins78390390:00446
10Boston Red Sox74450290:00397
11Los Angeles Dodgers75520230:00414
12St. Louis Cardinals74420320:00378
13Baltimore Orioles76440320:00418
14Cincinnati Reds76390370:00426
15Seattle Mariners76390370:00392
16Miami Marlins76390370:00374
17Milwaukee Brewers74410330:00388
18Detroit Tigers76340420:00436
19Oakland Athletics75420330:00436
20New York Mets74330410:00349
21Atlanta Braves76340420:00363
22Chicago White Sox74330410:00387
23Tampa Bay Rays77380390:00357
24Los Angeles Angels76410350:00375
25Kansas City Royals75390360:00360
26Toronto Blue Jays76400360:00349
27Philadelphia Phillies73340390:00360
28Pittsburgh Pirates75400350:00331
29San Francisco Giants77350420:00332
30San Diego Padres76410350:00323
1Houston Astros74470270:00486
2New York Yankees78390390:00435
3Cleveland Indians76490270:00435
4Colorado Rockies76390370:00363
5Washington Nationals73460270:00413
6Chicago Cubs72370350:00379
7Texas Rangers76350410:00371
8Arizona Diamondbacks77390380:00363
9Minnesota Twins73390340:00380
10Boston Red Sox77410360:00415
11Los Angeles Dodgers76440320:00394
12St. Louis Cardinals76360400:00410
13Baltimore Orioles76290470:00370
14Cincinnati Reds75270480:00356
15Seattle Mariners75350400:00384
16Miami Marlins75320430:00399
17Milwaukee Brewers77400370:00382
18Detroit Tigers75280470:00331
19Oakland Athletics76260500:00329
20New York Mets76320440:00408
21Atlanta Braves73330400:00388
22Chicago White Sox76260500:00356
23Tampa Bay Rays74360380:00384
24Los Angeles Angels74350390:00361
25Kansas City Royals75340410:00363
26Toronto Blue Jays75320430:00372
27Philadelphia Phillies78260520:00340
28Pittsburgh Pirates77290480:00348
29San Francisco Giants75240510:00326
30San Diego Padres75270480:00317


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