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1Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv W12120091:48736
2Zhytlobud-2 Kharkiv W13120178:57336
3Legenda Chernigiv W1282242:172526
4Yatran-Basis Uman W1364324:131122
5Pantery W1451830:37-716
6FK Ladomir W1443722:33-1115
7FC Yednist Plysky W1443714:27-1315
8FK Zlagoda W1343612:41-2915
9Rodyna-Litsey W131397:42-356
10Ateks Kiev W1401136:107-1011
1Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv W770062:06221
2Zhytlobud-2 Kharkiv W540128:32512
3Legenda Chernigiv W751131:92216
4Yatran-Basis Uman W732213:6711
5Pantery W621317:1167
6FK Ladomir W62045:13-86
7FC Yednist Plysky W62136:9-37
8FK Zlagoda W72236:18-128
9Rodyna-Litsey W71246:24-185
10Ateks Kiev W80174:55-511
1Zhytlobud-1 Kharkiv W550029:42515
2Zhytlobud-2 Kharkiv W880050:24824
3Legenda Chernigiv W531111:8310
4Yatran-Basis Uman W632111:7411
5Pantery W830513:26-139
6FK Ladomir W823317:20-39
7FC Yednist Plysky W82248:18-108
8FK Zlagoda W62136:23-177
9Rodyna-Litsey W60151:18-171
10Ateks Kiev W60062:52-500


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