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1Vimmerby IF1292134:142029
2Smedby AIS1283127:141327
3Assyriska IF i Norrköping1171325:71822
4IK Tord1163225:121321
5Eneby BK1263327:151221
6Torstorps IF1252517:25-817
7Högsby IK1344522:32-1016
8Myresjö/Vetlanda FK1234522:23-113
9Knäppingsborg BK1233620:20012
10Tenhults IF1232719:27-811
11Boxholms IF1332818:32-1411
12Grebo IK12011110:45-351
1Vimmerby IF651018:51316
2Smedby AIS752015:7817
3Assyriska IF i Norrköping640215:31212
4IK Tord641111:2913
5Eneby BK640218:71112
6Torstorps IF61237:17-105
7Högsby IK622215:1328
8Myresjö/Vetlanda FK622211:1108
9Knäppingsborg BK521214:777
10Tenhults IF61238:10-25
11Boxholms IF621310:11-17
12Grebo IK60158:23-151
1Vimmerby IF641116:9713
2Smedby AIS531112:7510
3Assyriska IF i Norrköping531110:4610
4IK Tord522114:1048
5Eneby BK62319:819
6Torstorps IF640210:8212
7Högsby IK72237:19-128
8Myresjö/Vetlanda FK612311:12-15
9Knäppingsborg BK71246:13-75
10Tenhults IF620411:17-66
11Boxholms IF71158:21-134
12Grebo IK60062:22-200


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