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1FC Stockholm Internazionale22192195:128359
2IFK Lidingö FK22172354:144053
3Värtans IK22132757:352241
4Ängby IF22123750:203039
5Järla IF FK22114750:262437
6FC Krukan22831127:44-1727
7Vasastan BK22741131:59-2825
8Hässelby SK FF22651135:52-1723
9Ingarö IF22631323:51-2821
10Sköndals IK22541326:56-3019
11Långholmen FC22521530:80-5017
12Stureby SK22441430:59-2916
1FC Stockholm Internazionale1191144:73728
2IFK Lidingö FK1180331:82324
3Värtans IK1171331:171422
4Ängby IF1171325:81722
5Järla IF FK1163230:121821
6FC Krukan1132616:26-1011
7Vasastan BK1132614:28-1411
8Hässelby SK FF1132619:28-911
9Ingarö IF1142512:20-814
10Sköndals IK1121812:34-227
11Långholmen FC1132614:27-1311
12Stureby SK1132616:29-1311
1FC Stockholm Internazionale11101051:54631
2IFK Lidingö FK1192023:61729
3Värtans IK1161426:18819
4Ängby IF1152425:121317
5Järla IF FK1151520:14616
6FC Krukan1151511:18-716
7Vasastan BK1142517:31-1414
8Hässelby SK FF1133516:24-812
9Ingarö IF1121811:31-207
10Sköndals IK1133514:22-812
11Långholmen FC1120916:53-376
12Stureby SK1112814:30-165


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