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1FC Illichivets Mariupil25194245:153061
2NK Veres Rivne26174553:252855
3FC Desna Chernihiv25165437:162153
4FC Kolos Kovalivka26137639:261346
5FC Gelios Kharkiv25136623:16745
6Naftovik-Ukrnafta Okhtirka26116937:231439
7FC Cherkaskiy Dnipro26910722:24-237
8FC Poltava261131227:33-636
9Arsenal Kyiv2698924:23135
10Avangard Kramatorsk2698920:23-335
11FC Obolon-Brovar26961129:30-133
12Bukovyna Chernivtsi26871123:25-231
13FC Girnik-Sport26851336:46-1029
14MFC Mykolaiv26831520:31-1127
15FC Ingulets26761325:36-1127
16FC Sumy264101223:40-1722
17FK Skala26451716:36-2017
18FC Ternopil25351716:47-3114
1FC Illichivets Mariupil12102023:41932
2NK Veres Rivne13101235:161931
3FC Desna Chernihiv1374217:9825
4FC Kolos Kovalivka1363418:14421
5FC Gelios Kharkiv1282211:5626
6Naftovik-Ukrnafta Okhtirka1374225:121325
7FC Cherkaskiy Dnipro1373312:8424
8FC Poltava1352615:17-217
9Arsenal Kyiv1354413:13019
10Avangard Kramatorsk1352611:12-117
11FC Obolon-Brovar1361618:15319
12Bukovyna Chernivtsi1353512:8418
13FC Girnik-Sport1352621:23-217
14MFC Mykolaiv1361613:12119
15FC Ingulets1354415:13219
16FC Sumy1317510:17-710
17FK Skala132568:16-811
18FC Ternopil133469:15-613
1FC Illichivets Mariupil1392222:111129
2NK Veres Rivne1373318:9924
3FC Desna Chernihiv1291220:71328
4FC Kolos Kovalivka1374221:12925
5FC Gelios Kharkiv1354412:11119
6Naftovik-Ukrnafta Okhtirka1342712:11114
7FC Cherkaskiy Dnipro1327410:16-613
8FC Poltava1361612:16-419
9Arsenal Kyiv1344511:10116
10Avangard Kramatorsk134639:11-218
11FC Obolon-Brovar1335511:15-414
12Bukovyna Chernivtsi1334611:17-613
13FC Girnik-Sport1333715:23-812
14MFC Mykolaiv132297:19-128
15FC Ingulets1322910:23-138
16FC Sumy1333713:23-1012
17FK Skala1320118:20-126
18FC Ternopil1201117:32-251


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Live Streaming

Bet365 streams over 20,000 events live to your PC every year - so you can bet as the action unfolds


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