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1Townsville Flames W1413011275:96830740
2South West Metro W1412021182:88529738
3Sunshine Coast Phoenix W1411031182:105213036
4Ipswich W1311021103:93117235
5Rockhampton W1510051285:114414135
6North Gold Coast Seahawks W158071124:10665831
7Southern Districts Spartans W129031051:90314830
8Mackay W148061056:10421430
9USC Rip City W157081120:1169-4929
10Brisbane Capitals W14509979:988-924
11Cairns W145091045:1109-6424
12Logan W143011991:1094-10320
13Gold Coast Rollers W142012970:1123-15318
14Gladstone W1410131080:1330-25016
15Toowoomba W140014728:1367-63914
1Townsville Flames W7601614:45715719
2South West Metro W8701679:49818122
3Sunshine Coast Phoenix W8701695:6167922
4Ipswich W8602667:5808720
5Rockhampton W6501522:40411816
6North Gold Coast Seahawks W8305544:572-2814
7Southern Districts Spartans W6501496:4168016
8Mackay W7502560:4887217
9USC Rip City W7502501:4871417
10Brisbane Capitals W8206562:580-1812
11Cairns W7304567:601-3413
12Logan W7106533:599-669
13Gold Coast Rollers W5104352:406-547
14Gladstone W5104460:510-507
15Toowoomba W8008426:779-3538
1Townsville Flames W7700661:51115021
2South West Metro W6501503:38711616
3Sunshine Coast Phoenix W6402487:4365114
4Ipswich W5500436:3518515
5Rockhampton W9504763:7402319
6North Gold Coast Seahawks W7502580:4948617
7Southern Districts Spartans W6402555:4876814
8Mackay W7304496:554-5813
9USC Rip City W8206619:682-6312
10Brisbane Capitals W6303417:408912
11Cairns W7205478:508-3011
12Logan W7205458:495-3711
13Gold Coast Rollers W9108618:717-9911
14Gladstone W9009620:820-2009
15Toowoomba W6006302:588-2866


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