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1Liatorps IF/Eneryda IF330017:2159
2Delary/ Pjätteryd220012:0126
3Torpa IF32019:186
4Vederslöv/ Dänn.IF22006:066
5Häradsbäcks IF32015:326
6Vislanda IF21018:533
7IFK S/ RIF21013:303
8IFK Lammhult21011:3-23
9Alvesta GoIF20021:6-50
10Agunnaryds IF20020:8-80
11Horda AIK20020:12-120
12Angelstads IF30032:21-190
1Liatorps IF/Eneryda IF220012:1116
2Delary/ Pjätteryd11007:073
3Torpa IF21016:153
4Vederslöv/ Dänn.IF11003:033
5Häradsbäcks IF11003:033
6Vislanda IF10010:3-30
7IFK S/ RIF10010:3-30
8IFK Lammhult11001:013
9Alvesta GoIF10011:5-40
10Agunnaryds IF10010:5-50
11Horda AIK10010:3-30
12Angelstads IF10012:8-60
1Liatorps IF/Eneryda IF11005:143
2Delary/ Pjätteryd11005:053
3Torpa IF11003:033
4Vederslöv/ Dänn.IF11003:033
5Häradsbäcks IF21012:3-13
6Vislanda IF11008:263
7IFK S/ RIF11003:033
8IFK Lammhult10010:3-30
9Alvesta GoIF10010:1-10
10Agunnaryds IF10010:3-30
11Horda AIK10010:9-90
12Angelstads IF20020:13-130


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